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Liferay Theme: Dashboard

We have spent some time working on a simple theme for Liferay that we have released on Liferay Marketplace. This Liferay theme that we simply call Dashboard theme is meant to be used for intranet applications, specifically mostly dashboard applications as the name suggests.

liferay dashboard theme

Notable features of this Liferay theme are:

  • Unlimited Custom colors – We decided to let the administrator pick the colors instead of color schemes.
  • Customizable settings – Boxed or full-width, Show / Hide search, Edit footer, Pick your fonts, Adjust the header height etc.
  • We included jQuery and jQueryUI and animate.css libraries but you can easily disable them.
  • Of course the design is responsive and scales to the smaller screens also.

You can read more about the features of the theme and see it in action right here: but you can also check it out straight in Liferay Marketplace.

Liferay Dashboard Theme

Liferay Dashboard Theme Minimized Menu

Liferay Gallery Portlet

Our latest Liferay Image Gallery Portlet is finally available on the marketplace. We have teamed up with our good friends at Infira and implemented a really neat looking image gallery that you can use to present your portfolio, products, contacts or team event pictures.

Our Fancy animated liferay gallery portlet with document library support has these features:

  • Uses your specified Liferay built-in Document Library Folder as the image source.
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Automatic Image Positioning
  • Click-to-enlarge
  • Ability to show/hide title and description of image
  • Supports multiple instances per page
  • Configurable (you can adjust all aspects of the portlet)
  • Adjustable colors and thumbnail size





This portlet is based on a special version of Opie Scripts Responsive Fully Customizable jQuery Portfolio Gallery.

For those of you who have been following our latest activity in the Liferay world you might want to know that we are working hard at the moment to release our next item into the marketplace which will be a super fancy dashboard theme that transforms your Liferay into really nice dashboard that’s properly suitable for the big screens and small screens. Stay tuned!


Liferay Birthday List portlet


Just wanted to let you guys know that our very basic version of Liferay Birthday List portlet is now available for FREE on Liferay Marketplace.

You can download and install it straight from the Marketplace.
liferay birthday list portlet

The portlet relies on the Liferay’s internal user database and displays the birthdays of Yesterdays, Todays and Tomorrows birthdays.

Can’t really say that’s an achievement, but at least it’s our first Portlet on the Marketplace.
We plan to start publishing many useful Portlets to make the Liferay Ecosystem a little bit friendlier to people who don’t have development teams just hanging around, waiting for work…

We will probably publish a more feature-rich Liferay Birthday List portlet that would also show Work Anniversaries and allow sending quick Congratulations using Liferay Notifications.