New Unity licenses!

Good news, Unity now has a new licensing system and the licenses for small Indie developers just went a bit cheaper! I immediately took advantage of this new licensing and subscribed us to using the new Unity Plus level as it provides us with enough features for low cost. Main feature we were after is the ability to customize the splash screen and this allows us to remove the Unity splash screen and make our game look more Professional, but there are other nice features also like better analytics and cloud build support, although we haven’t started to use the cloud-build yet.


We hope we’ll be able to use this and improve our first game Veggy Smash 3 and finally start actually making some progress to improve it. Currently we have to admit the game is still not ready for prime-time and lacks a lot of features we want to build. Also, we need to improve the whole UI a lot more.

Anyway, this post serves as a first of many that will be about Unity and Game development as we haven’t written anything about that so far on this blog.
Even though we have been developing our little game for over a year now and it’s been out there for about half a year already. Here are couple of screenshots from the Veggy Smash 3 we’ve been making:

Veggy Smash 3 Veggy Smash 3 Veggy Smash 3

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