Liferay Business Theme

Business Liferay Theme

Yes, we’ve done it again. This time we’ve made a Business Theme for Liferay. If you need a new theme or setup a site with Liferay then please check out one of our themes and give it a try – we won’t disappoint. This theme is fully customizable, you can setup the background images, adjust colors, fonts, sizes, page layouts etc.

You can get it from Liferay Marketplace


All our themes offer Unlimited colors not specific color-schemes like most liferay themes because we feel that most of the time “Blue” is not quite the same as the blue in your company logo and we don’t want to compromise. Naturally you also get Responsive design that works on All modern browsers and super-great support – If you have a problem with our product then we will fix it.

About Reigo Reinmets

Enterprise Software consultant with 12 years of experience in enterprise software world who's working on various projects that are mostly based on Liferay. Most blog posts here are real-life findings and issues we've encountered while working on projects and Java tutorials on Liferay.

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