Month: August 2014

Liferay Gallery Portlet

Our latest Liferay Image Gallery Portlet is finally available on the marketplace. We have teamed up with our good friends at Infira and implemented a really neat looking image gallery that you can use to present your portfolio, products, contacts or team event pictures.

Our Fancy animated liferay gallery portlet with document library support has these features:

  • Uses your specified Liferay built-in Document Library Folder as the image source.
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Automatic Image Positioning
  • Click-to-enlarge
  • Ability to show/hide title and description of image
  • Supports multiple instances per page
  • Configurable (you can adjust all aspects of the portlet)
  • Adjustable colors and thumbnail size





This portlet is based on a special version of Opie Scripts Responsive Fully Customizable jQuery Portfolio Gallery.

For those of you who have been following our latest activity in the Liferay world you might want to know that we are working hard at the moment to release our next item into the marketplace which will be a super fancy dashboard theme that transforms your Liferay into really nice dashboard that’s properly suitable for the big screens and small screens. Stay tuned!


Liferay Carousel Portlet

Today we finished our work on Liferay Carousel Portlet for Liferay 6.2. It’s a rather useful portlet for public and also internal sites that we submitted to Liferay Marketplace and allows one to show your content, advertising or even important news in a carousel form. As everything went well with the submission process then the portlet is available in the marketplace since today and you have yet another fancy way to display your content in Liferay!

Content Carousel Portlet is basically a portlet that displays Liferay’s Web Content Articles inside a Carousel, allowing you to customize the slides in every way. You can add a single picture to the slide, that’s just fine. But you can also add a whole HTML5 embedded movie clip or your fancy Call-to-Action button on that slide.

We are slowly ramping up our portlet development efforts and we plan to submit many more useful portlets and some fancy new themes for Liferay Marketplace in the near future.

Our Carousel portlet scales nicely to full width of the portlet area, allowing you to show it either as small slides on a side or a large carousel on the top of the page. You can customize the animation and slide durations. Of course the portlet is also multi-instance capable so feel free to add multiple Carousels with different settings on your pages if you really want to show off your awesome content.

Here’s a simple screenshot:
liferay carousel portlet

Another screenshot – Notice that this time there’s text on the slide that’s not part of the image:
Liferay Carousel Slide Portlet

And here’s the screenshot for the configuration mode:
Liferay Content Carousel Config